Envision you've just submitted your comedic audition for a Geico commercial or a talked-about drama TV show or a musical theatre production with a well-known principal name attached. 

Days later, you've booked the job! 

There's so much smart work leading up to that moment when that professional career uptick happens for you. And then...happens again and again! 

It's called a sustainable, self-supporting acting/performing career. Now you've got a business know-how supporting your creative talents! 

Inside the Business of Show's GET INDUSTRY READY CLASSES (pre-recorded) focus on the smart work needed to be done BEFORE actors make the common industry mistakes of getting headshots done, going out on auditions unprepared, hiring agents thinking they are responsible for your career. 

These are NOT acting classes! 
These classes are career-preparation classes towards a professional self-supporting career.

Here's what's included in Inside the Business of Show GET INDUSTRY READY CLASSES:

- Four online, 24/7 accessible pre-recorded classes to prepare you for the real-world of the acting business and/or musical theatre/stage 
- Powerful instruction by four expert instructors
- Over 50 video segments (each about 2 minutes to 9 minutes in length) with topics loaded with tips and strategies:

- The Business of Acting with Judy Kain - Great for beginners or those needing a refresher in creating an acting business career plan
- The Castable Actor with Tom Burke - Are you castable? Talent is not enough in the competitive entertainment industry. You must learn and understand how to market and brand YOU so casting directors take notice. This is imperative BEFORE you go on auditions. 
- How to Break into Broadway with Christopher Henry Young - What's does it take to create a musical theatre/live performing self-supporting career? 
- The Castable Headshot with Tom Burke and Kevin McIntyre - What preparation needs to be done before choosing a photographer? What marketing and branding work needs to be done before the actual session? What is a headshot session like? Tom and Kevin do a demonstration headshot session! 

Become that actor that casting directors, producers and directors want to work with! 


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