Why you? Why should a casting director or an agent choose you over the thousands of actors in the seriously competitive entertainment industry?

Tom Burke, L.A. premier Image Consultant and Branding Specialist illuminates how crucial it is to figure out the marketing and branding of you...the product, BEFORE you step into an audition and look like all the other wannabes.

Based on Tom's popular live course "The Castable Actor," through step-by-step instruction that informs each course segment to the next, you'll transform from a "people pleasing" wannabe to a truly confident, memorable, castable actor. Acquire  marketing and branding get you in the door of casting directors.

Packed with proven strategies, tips and experienced guidance. Tom shines a light on the challenges and effort needed to create a substantive career, yet reveals how much easier it can be when focused on what casting directors are truly looking for in an actor.


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