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INSIDE THE BUSINESS OF SHOW is proud to bring entertainment-industry courses, in an easily accessible and secure video format, to creative actors and onstage performers. These courses explore and deliver what the business side of being a prepared, marketable on-camera and onstage professional performer is really like.

As producers of the courses, we've brought together experienced industry professionals whose careers have given them a broad, extensive observation of show business and who have successfully participated both in-front-of and in-back-of the camera and in onstage and offstage activities. Over the years they have been exposed to and have acquired inside strategies, tips, and tools used by many industry professionals; and, they have come together in this video series to share that valuable information with new actors and actors who want to re-start or kickstart a stalled career.

For more information please contact us at:
[email protected] or call 310-406-8300.


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