HOW TO BREAK INTO BROADWAY with Christopher Henry Young

Learn how the musical theatre business works for onstage performers.


1. Introduction

Christopher introduces the exciting world of the professional stage performer, and why a successful career is attainable! 

2. Preparation

Christopher discusses how to assess your skills and how to prepare those skills before an audition. You'll also learn what to bring to an audition. 

3. Casting Calls and Auditions

Are casting calls and auditions the same thing? Christopher guides you through how to find auditions, what information you need to know from a casting notice, and much more! 

4. Representation

What's the difference between equity and non-equity, union vs. non-union and managers vs. agents? Christopher clears up these terms and explains the importance of each one of them. 

5. Classes

Christopher discusses the importance of taking classes to keep up with the demands of a professional career...and what types of classes. 

6. Self Care

So often, self care is overlooked especially when zipping from one audition to the next. Yet it's a critical component of becoming a professional stage performer who works long hours.

7. Promoting Your Brand and Product

Christopher covers how to use headshots and resumes to promote yourself and the details needed. What's the difference between using headshots in casting in musical theatre vs. TV and film? 

8. You Booked a Show. Now What?

Congratulations! Christopher covers rehearsal etiquette and how to keep notes on every aspect of rehearsal. You'll also learn in detail different types of non-performing roles that you may be cast in which are equally important to the overall production. AND you may be learning 3-5 different tracks per show! 

9. Outside of Broadway

Building a resume of work on your way to Broadway can include many other performing opportunities. Most of these avenues give you tremendous practice and exposure to being on stage while you add to your professional experiences. 

10. Conclusion

Christopher provides some last words of encouragement reminding you that the business is changing daily...there's so much opportunity to have a stage career that you love! 


Be confident in your professional onstage career. Know the ropes.


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