Learn how to become castable and memorable in the competitive acting business.


Introduction: What is Being Castable?

Actors want to act. Incredible talent is abundant in the entertainment industry. Yet getting you and your talent in the door is one of the most challenging aspects of the acting business. Tom Burke introduces the course. 

Marketable Image

Tom introduces the concept of a marketable image: YOU. Every casting director needs to instantly know who you are and they can do with you. Learn the three words that must be imprinted on your brain before you attempt to audition.


Type...not what type of roles you're going out for! But your physical type. You must understand your physical type so that it's in alignment with the types of roles you'll be cast in. Tom takes a strategic deep dive into specifics like economic level and much more.


Parameter. Step outside your parameter and your acting career will suffer. A repetitive closed door. You'll be surprised and excited on how learning your defined parameter is another key to opening doors. 

Brand - Part 1

Now that Tom has covered Type and Marketability, what is the most important question you need to ask yourself before your move forward with meeting casting directors? Tom also shares a personal professional story that highlights how his acting career was affected by not answering this question.

Brand - Part 2

Emphatic and revealing, Tom highlights the importance of bringing YOU into the room. How do you do this? Tom provides some inside tips to help you discover what you already know about yourself but were afraid to ask...and show. 

Headshots - Five Common Mistakes

A #1 tool of an actor is a headshot. It's the actor's calling card. Yet misinformed actors make the same five common mistakes in trying to present a headshot they think will get them in the door. Tom provides the confidence, not the confusion, you need in obtaining great headshots.

Now What?

Tom helps actors to truly imprint their professional marketable image in auditions, meetings and more.  Your reel must reflect professionally the smart and hard work you've done.


While wrapping up, Tom has even more professional expertise and more specific strategies to help separate you from the crowd! Everything you've learned is now drilled down towards getting roles you are right for. Tom provides the last course twist that is a major component to get you the roles. 



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